Iron Age - Haystacks

Based on the archaeological description 'a single post hole with depression'
Hay is dried grass, stored for animal feed during the winter.
The hay stack has a base of timber on the ground, around a post set upright to support the stack. This is to keep the stack dry and allow air flow up through the centre, (wet hay gets very hot as it ferments, and will self-combust!).
The hay stack has a roof with a hole in the top, to allow it to slide down the central post - as the hay is used, the stack becomes smaller. I have successfully stored hay for over two years in a stack.


This what the base looks like.
The center post can be seen poking out of the top of the roof.
This stack is a four post base. A platform is built on the posts.
The hay as stacked on the top, as high as you can reach, then a small thatched cap is lifted onto it. The weight of the cap stops the hay blowing off.

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