Assorted Extras

This page contains a variety of constructs that do not fit into any particular catergory. Many of them do not create archaeology, or are almost impossible to interperate easily. However, they are part of living on the land, so are represented in this list.

Based on long lines of postholes across sites, the fencing is mostly wattle (woven wood). The decay and replacement of the fences match the growth cycle of the material used.
Pole Lathe
This machine is set up to demonstrate wood-turning. Items like tool handles, spoons and bowls can be produced on it.
Metal Working
Assorted metal working activities are carried out here, such as smelting copper and casting bronze.
Wood Rack
A 'four post structure'.
Just what it is! A rack for storing timber.
Compost Heap
A 'four post structure'.
Where else do you put all the vegetable left overs that will rot down? A compost heap will turn it all into a rich soil (with the help of worms).
Bee Hive
The hive is made of straw, in the shape of an inverted basket. It has a covering of reed, to keep the rain off, and retain warmth.
Bees were kept for production of honey and wax.
The wax was used in the 'lost wax casting' of bronze items.
The honey was the only source of sweetener, and the remains of the honeycomb can be fermented to create mead, a strong alcoholic drink.
Drying Racks
A 'two post structure' in this case a simple rack for hanging things on. It could be herbs....or clothes!
Chicken House
Based on 'a single post hole'.
A covered perch for the chickens, about 2m off the ground. (It stopped the chickens trying to roost in the houses!)