Four Post Structures

In most archaeological excavations, there is a recognized fort mat of holes, labeled as "a four post structure". It tells you nothing about what it might have been, so...

During the many years I have spent building houses, I have also created many 'structures' that would be useful to have, use, and live with.

Here are some of those ideas that might be "a four post structure".

Chicken House
Iron age chickens were small, they were imported jungle fowl. The Romans comment on the keeping of chickens. and said the cocks were used in cock fighting.
Compost Heap
A 'four post structure'.
Where else do you put all the vegetable left overs that will rot down? A compost heap will turn it all into a rich soil (with the help of worms).

Many sites have pits with descriptions such as
"contains a greasy loam" or "contains a rich dark loam"

Most are identified as pits for human waste.

A simple structure has been built over the pit to protect the user from prying eyes, and bad weather.

Metal Working
A small shelter that work well for a number of years. It was not just shelter, but reduced the light levels which helps observe some processes

Hay Stack
Hay storage off the ground on a four post platform.

Storage of grain in a building designed to stay dry, and free of pests.

Cart Shed
The perfect place to keep your charriot.

Wood Rack
A 'four post structure'.
Just what it is! A rack for storing timber.
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