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Bronze Age

Some of the greatest finds for the bronze age were made in Denmark. A number of burial mounds revealed remarkably preserved sets of clothing, from early to mid period. Women's and men's clothing survived in very good condition. This gave a wonderful snapshot of a peoples from 2,500BC - 3,500BC. From British finds of grave goods, there is an indication that we may have had a similar culture. Above is one of the male burials, now in the museum in Copenhagen.

A better shot of the burial, with hat, tunic, and cloak of wool, with the body laid on an under blanket of linen.

This shot shows the length of the tunic, and the shape of the cloak. The cloak was pinned closed, and the tunic had a belt at the waist. Again, bottom left, a hat.

All of this evidence makes bronze age europe an easy period to construct clothing for.



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