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Liverpool Museum - 2005

Iron Age House in the Museum of Liverpool Life

This house was built as part of an exhibition called "Living With The Romans"

The construction was in the internal yard within the museum, which sat at the entrance to the Albert Dock, on the edge of the Mersey. Archaeology students at the university were invited to assist in the construction. During the build, visitors were counted to observe engagement. This showed there were around 1,000 people a day who came to see what was going on. The author led the construction of the house, which took a month.

An interactive display was constructed, to run in the museum gallery, when the build was finished. This was released on a CD for educational use. A copy of this is available at the bottom of this page.

When the house was finished, it was furnished and decorated iron age style, with a live fire burning at the times during the day when the house was manned.

This house is no longer in existence.

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