© David Freeman

Danebury CS14 - 2017

Late Iron Age house from Danebury Hillfort

Although this house is not strictly furnished, the final stages of construction allowed the author to complete the interior to a very high standard. A chalk mix was brought in and the floor leveled and tamped down. This matches the archaeology at Danebury Hillfort, where many of the houses have applied chalk floors. The interior wall surface was lime washed to increase the light levels, and a red trim painted as a skirting at the bottom of the wall. A yellow band at the top of the wall completes the paintwork. The archaeology of this house shows a fireplace, and ovens, so a raised clay fire base was put in, and an oven built close to the fire. This creates almost a modern feel to the house, and the combination of the chalk floor and the lime washed wall gives a light and airy feel to the interior.