Bronze Age - Must Farm Experimental Burn

Must Farm House Burn

In early 2016, whilst the excavations in Peterborough were ongoing on the Must Farm Project, an approach was made by a television film company with a request to build them a house, to be burned down. This was to be for a documentary programs, “Britain's Pompeii – A village lost in time”, to be shown on BBC4, fronted by Alice Roberts.

After negotiations as to size and cost, the author had the pleasure of building and preparing the house.

This page documents the building of the house the burning of the house, and the remains.

A full paper is available at the bottom of the page.

Wall stakes inserted.
Wattle woven to complete the wall.
Rafters mounted on the wall.
Purlins complete.
Daub started inside the house. Thatch underway.
Progresing well.
Outside daub almost complete.
House finished.
Film crew present, and the fire started.
Burn well underway.
Aftermath of the burn.
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