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Rotary Quern
These querns have been around for thousands of years. The grain is trickled into the hole in the top stone, and as the stone is rotated, the grain is drawn into the quern, and between the two stones. the action of the stones tears the grain apart, and by the time the grain reaches the outer rim, it is reduced to a flour. Sometimes it takes more than one cycle through the stones. The flour is a whole wheat flour, containing the husk as bran. The quern shown is on a wooden platform, where the flour can be swept forwards, and into the wooden tray under the front edge. More information on this tray can be found in the page on wooden artefacts.
Saddle Quern.
This type of grinding is much older, and can be used to pound as well as grind. The small stones are held in the hand. The based stones gradually hollow out, as the action of using it wears the stone away. Best used on a skin or piece of leather so any spill over the edge is kept off the floor.
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