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Bone Objects

Bone is a very useful material. Source from a variety of animals, depending on use. The main animals were sheep, birds, cattle, and deer. The objects here are just the ones made by the author. Many other types of tools were manufactured, including bird bone for musical instruments in the form of whistles and flutes. Cattle bones as hammers. Sheep bones for chisels.

Antler Combs
The Glastonbury Lake Village and Danebury Hill fort. Antler is often called horn: it is not, it is bone. Antlers are grown new each year, and are shed (fall off) at the end of the breeding season. Many of these combs have been found at the two site mentioned. Although thought to be for weaving, they are ideal as personal hair combs.

The earliest identified go back to early stone age, Paleolithic. Spun fibres from sinew would have been used to sew leather or skin clothing.
Stew Stirrer
The Glastonbury Lake Village.
Cut from the scapular (shoulder blade) of cattle. Decorated on the back surface, and pierced on the handle.

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